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Technical scoring

What I'd like to see on your site is a combination forum and database
where I can find the technical reviews of ebooks, since Wikipedia and
Goodreads do a decent job of content reviews. For example, I'd gladly
have paid a bit more for a copy of The 48 Laws of Power that presents
the same typography, fonts and colors used in the hard copy and is not
missing pages 34 to 37.

Facts like physical format of the ebook are nice neat database elements
that can be determined from 30 seconds looking at the book, but
something like missing or garbled pages is something readers have to
provide, hence the forum. A place for readers to provide a strictly
technical evaluation of a particular publisher's ebook. So when I go to
an individual book page, I'd like that last column to be a technical
review score. If the actual file is identical from all 5 vendors, the
score would of course be the same.

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