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How do I automatically follow my existing wishlist?

If you have a public list at Amazon, Goodreads or LibraryThing, then you can configure Luzme to automatically follow them for price alerts.

Go to your settings page. 

(See if you're not sure how)

Click on the "Watchlists" tab


To follow your "To-Read" list at Goodreads,
  1. enter your Goodreads ID
  2. click "Save".


To follow your wishlist at LibraryThing, 
  1. enter your LibraryThing ID
  2. click "Save".


To follow your Amazon wishlist(s),
  1. check the box
  2. click "Save".

If you use an alternative email at Amazon than the one you signed up with at Luzme, you can enter that here.

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